Sister Vs Sister……and Foodstamps?

Ok so M and I had to take a hiatus on posting for a few days due to a slight conflict. We didn’t know if we wanted to get all personal and let y’all all up in our business, or just give a nice understanding of who we are and what we think. We have since decided, after some harsh exchanges and a couple silent days that we will write whatever we want and decided individually how personal we want to get.
Anyways glad to be back to business.
So I am on poor street. What that means is, I am unemployed and though I am not poor yet, Im freaking riding on poor street. To facilitate everything I have recently applied for food stamps or SNAP. If you don’t know, you have to hop on 1 leg, rub your head, pat your belly, and jump through a hoop while singing the national anthem to actually get them…so needless to say I am still waiting. Im just not that talented I guess.
I was on the net looking up plans assuming I do get them. I want a meal plan, something that shows me how people are spending this amount of money to get the most bang for their buck, and while surfing I came across this article.
Heres the article.
People it seems are actually challenging themselves to live as if they are on food stamps.  I was floored reading it, it was very sincere. Being on food stamps just isn’t easy, some don’t think about it , that running out in the morning to pick up a bagel and smear and a coffee is a freakin luxury…Now growing up things weren’t always sweet as pie for us and there was a struggle. Where we’re from is actually on Poor Street, so this is really nothing new to me. But to know that people out there are trying to actually empathize and thus maybe spark ACTION…well, that means a lot to me.
Maybe if someone these politicians took out the silver spook and replaced it with the s**t spoon, they too would understand and really actually try to help.
But that’s just a dream.
Please read that article.

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