Shout Out To All Those That RIPed Robin Williams Last Week and Are Now Throwing Stones at Floyd Mayweather This Week

How do we go from filling up our social media sites with condolences to Robin Williams, who suffered with depression, to beating up Floyd Mayweather? Floyd Mayweather has been in the media this past week for suffering from illiteracy. Last week we learned, or so I thought, how depression and pressure from society could result in suicide. This week we turn our backs to the tragedy of Robin Williams and instead pick up rocks to hurl at Floyd Mayweather.

We, as a society, try to climb the social ranks by tearing others down. We’re an all or nothing type of people. Or more so we’re all into tearing you down until there’s nothing more to be said about you. It’s sad that the only time celebrities get peace is when they’re dead.

To the many that RIPed Robin Williams last week and then shamed Floyd Mayweather this week, you should probably go seek help. It’s not okay.



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