Shakin’ for the Bacon – Money Saving Tip of the Week

Let me be honest. I am very cheap person. I refuse to give someone money for a job that I can do myself. This includes household repairs, cutting my hair, grooming my dog, and mowing my yard. My husband doesn’t agree to all my tactics when it comes to saving money because usually it involves scraping me off the floor because I over worked myself. Usually after a glass (or two) of wine and a nights rest I’m ready for my next project.
Well, I have a moderately sized front and back yard that needs constant attention. We previously came from an apartment complex where everything was taken care for us, but now it’s all on us. The teenage boy from across the way asked my husband if he could cut our yard for $35 and of course he said yes! When he told me this I couldn’t BELIEVE he agreed to $35. If it was me talking to the kid he would have gotten no more than $20. My husband used to do yard work when he was a teenager so he has a soft spot when he sees a young man trying to be responsible and make some money in a positive way. I’m just a scrooge.
The kid would come over about every two weeks and do the yard. I happen to be super critical when I’m spending my money on something and I would inspect every inch of the yard after he was done. My husband probably had it timed out for how long it would take me to inspect it and then how long my tantrum would last when it wasnt perfect. He would say, “M he did a good job it’s not that big of a deal.” I just couldn’t deal with walking by that unperfect patch every day. So when he deployed I thought I would take maters into my own hands.
Two weeks later the kid came back and asked if my husband was home so he could do our yard. Oh crap I thought how can I politely tell him to go kick rocks? “ he’s not home, but I’ll have him call you.” Only thing is that I didn’t tell him he was deployed and wouldn’t be calling him for a lengthy time!
I decided to run over to Lowe’s and buy a mower and weed wacker to get this job done by myself. How hard can it be to bust down a yard? Well, to my surprise they don’t sell gas mowers for $50. haha. They’re more like $150 and that’s just too much for me. If I buy anything over $50 I end up calling A and having a panic attack. She has to talk me down off my ledge and place me back into reality. I ended up buying a push mower for $99. After being warned over and over by the employee that it was going to take me forever to do I insisted that I had to have this one. I mean, it was the cheapest one.
I mowed my yard a good two times with it and was impressed with its capabilities, but realized I needed to buy a weed wacker for those stuborn evil weeds. I just bought one a week ago and lets just say I tore up my yard in a very bad way.
So, that leaves us to today. I just came inside from a 3 hour session battling my back yard. I let my grass over grow because the idea of using my push mower seemed impossible after a long hard day at work. Did I mention that previously I was just a stay at home wife working on my education? If you’re wondering why it took me 3 hours to cut my grass it wasn’t because I busted out that reel mower. I instead cut my whole back yard with my weed wacker. I went through two spools, strained my back, weed wacked my foot, and attempted to cut down 6 inch St. Augustine grass. My dog was so afraid of the sight that she actually opened the sliding glass door and let herself inside.
My yard isnt pretty, but the job is done, and now I no longer fear the idea of ticks hiding in the forest of my back yard. Around hour 1 of the task I came to realize that I was a harsh judger of the poor boy from across the way. I also realized that he can cut the hell out of grass and it looks a million times better than my capabilities.
My money saving tip is that if you don’t want to spend the money for someone to cut your grass make sure you invest in great products. I love to save money, but the way I went about it was a waste of time and I could have spent that time watching Season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy. I will be calling that young man and making sure that he cuts my grass from now on because there’s no way I’m ever doing that again. That $35 every so often is going to hurt to give, but now that I put myself in his shoes I see that he deserves every penny. My husband was right (please don’t tell him I said that).

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