School Bus Stops and Prostitutes

6277KTVY1OGR35I grew up in a small poverty stricken town filled with crime. Currently my town’s “violent crime comparison” is almost 3 times higher proportionally to New York City according to It’s pretty bad…

As a little girl, my parents sheltered my sister and I, and we never looked at our neighborhood as “bad”. We knew how to respond to the sound of gunshots, which streets we were never allowed to walk down, and how to jump a fence “just in case”. My dad made a game out of it so we never took it that serious. It was our norm.

I remember every morning my mom would drive us to the bus stop and on the way there I would wave to the friendly neighborhood prostitutes, often knowing them by name, as they strolled in from their late night adventure. My sister and I would often talk about how their hair was different that day or how pretty they looked, not knowing what their profession entailed. We didn’t fear these people because we grew up observing and interacting with them. This was our norm.

I currently live in a nice neighborhood, on the other side of the country, where the only gun shots I hear are from the soldiers training out in the field. When I go back to my home town now I always make my sister take me to the old houses we used to live in. We usually pull up, sit there for a good minute, and then the trip normally ends with me nervously clicking the lock button numerous times in hopes to relieve my anxiety. These places we used to live in CREEP ME OUT. I don’t want to stay long enough to interact with the prostitutes, I don’t want to have to “jump and duck” behind something to the sound of gunshots, and I really don’t have any spare change, to give to the crack head, that is scratching his neck raw. This is NOT my norm now.

My perspective has changed. Just a few years ago I walked down these streets with no fear in the world and now if you make me take a stroll down one of them you’ll see me shaking in my stilettos looking for the next Uber out of there…that is is they have Ubers.  

I left that world years ago and experienced a different life style where illegal guns, drugs, and violence wasn’t apart of it. I got a chance to see that there was a better way of life.

Which all this leads me to my real point of this post. We live in a world that is sometimes straight awful, but we don’t realize it because it’s our norm. Have you ever gone into someone’s house and it smelled straight awful? Well, after awhile you don’t even smell the stank anymore, right? It’s because our mind adapts to our environment and the stimulus it receives in attempt to normalize it. Take a look at your life and try to put it in a different light. It could be a relationship that doesn’t feel right, a job that is sucking everything out of you, or even attitude about yourself that isn’t positive. Are you really smelling crap and not realizing it?

Have you ever evolved and realized your old normal just didn’t feel right anymore? Comment below and let me know!


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