Sassy’s Changing the Channels

The Bachelorette: SERIOUSLY a FREAKIN recap only like 3 episodes in!? You have got to be kidding me. All they needed to do was just take 5 minutes and show a pic of each of the remaining guys and what their names are so I can freakin remember.  Other than that the recap is completely unnecessary.
Little Women: LA….Well, now here I have been thinking, Im really hoping that since they tagged on “LA” to the name that they’re going to do spin-offs. I think that would be very interesting.
Anyways, I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I really can’t remember any of their names- other than Elena.  Goodness she is a stunning girl, when they zoom into her face I’m quickly scanning for a flaw and I just can’t see one. Again, this episode continued to make me feel sorry for this girl and I really just want to reach through and hug her and tell her it will be all right. The other girls are such haters.
I thought it was HILARIOUS that the blonde leader called out the thicker one for having a sip of beer….she really did it just to cause trouble. Way to keep conflict in the group….sheesh.
And the prude…watching her pick out her wedding dress was sweet, but I just can’t help but think- is she really as innocent and PURE as she leads us to believe? I think not.
ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK IS BACK!!!!!!! Finally! But is it just me or did it seem like this season was short? I want moreeeee.
Crazy-eyes has a way of reallllly getting under my skin, I think they go too far with how they make her crazy. But then they have a moment like at the end when she was crying and I kinda wanted to cry for her too.
I still love Piper, and I think her fiancé and bestie are kind of….realistic in a scummy way. Like imagine you are gone for months and you know 2 members of the opposite sex are going to miss you, be lonely, and vulnerable…I could see the wham bam happening. But a freakin relationship!? Hmmm- doubtful.
I think the presence of V was nice, I liked the added violence. I shouldn’t be watching a show about prison and think it seems like a nice place to go, it is prison after-all. And her protégé TJ or whatever his name was that she killed: DELISH. MMM. I don’t normally like a man that skinny (eek) but something about him seemed right up my alley.

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