Sassy Says…

So Sassy is my cat/dog. She is ferocious like a dog, but is lazy and sleeps like a cat. One of her favorite things to do is watch tv with me and it just so happens that we have the same favorite shows….lol.
She had a couple of words with me about some of the stuff we’ve been watching…(and I know my sister has some goodies to say about some of this as well).
First off, Little Women: LA which comes on Lifetime is absolutely outrageous. One of my close friends brought to my attention about 6 months ago that little people on tv are televised in very….pure ways. You really dont see much about them and what differences they may experience. The Little Couple brought some of that to light but it really wasnt much different and didnt present anything really…..exciting or reality tv worthy I guess is what Im trying to say.
Little Women: LA!!!!!!!!!! HOLLLLYYYY ships that show knocked my socks off. For a Lifetime show I was pretty surprised at how SEXUAL it was. At one point one of the women slid on a table in a furniture store and simulated something outrageous….
Now I think its important that I let you know that I really dont like how some stations exploit the differences that we have, but at this point with one episode in, Im really not seeing that. I think this is just another HUMAN side that we just dont see.
Now another show that Sassy and I have been watching is the bachelorette!!! I have never been a big fan of these shows because I am not a big fan of this happily ever after crap. I just honestly dont think its real. Sassy and I loooooove Andi. She is absolutely adorable! And the men….for her are probably perfect, but for me I would need a sexy sleek sophisticated thug bachelorette. I need a man that is sweet and funny and tall, dark, and YUM….with a side of street savy that will protect me in the club and backslap anyone who looks at me wrong. (Kind of lol) But regardless, these young men while delish, do seem a little on the gentler side…the I will walk your puppy and if you get pushed in a bar will turn my cheek for me lol.

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