Off to Sell My Soul

   Theres something utterly annoying about technology, so now Im back after fixing pretty much every device.
   Anyways Ive had a few conversations lately which Im chalking up to pretty much selling my soul. Ive interviewed for a position lately where my salary expectations were laughed at….this I actually find quite understandable. Ive lucked out in previous positions so Ive always been pretty comfortable and not really keen to what others may actually find normal. But the part that blew my mind…..they told me I would have to lose the nose ring.
   To some people this may not be a big deal and Im sure they would happily conform. But me, not so much. I paid a crap ton of money to go to school and pretty much did everything the “right” way. How is it that my nose ring would make me lose a job when my education and experience should be the only thing that matters. I still dont understand that, people who choose to look how they want have to conform to what the man deems as acceptable…FOR WHAT? For Money.
    This acutally brought me to a conversation I had with my dad, kind of the reverse but…would you make a sex tape for that Kardashian wealth and fame? You wouldnt have to be them, you could be you-but just make 1 tape?
    I am outraged to think that this could be ok, but me working in corporate America with a nose ring, or tattoos, or maybe even an afro- would just never happen.

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