I’m disturbed by the amount of people posting videos on the ALS Ice bucket challenge versus the amount of people commenting on the civil unrest in our own country. Before when it was Egypt’s civil unrest or some other part of the world I could slightly understand why Americans weren’t getting upset. We are stuck in our own little bubble where we truly don’t care what’s going on with other countries. But now, in our own country, we turn a blind eye.

I’m not saying we should burn down Ferguson, hang the cop, or anything of that such. I’m saying that something needs to change. I was always taught that in every action there is a reaction. This situation has clearly shown that. Mike Brown shouldn’t have robbed the convenience store and the cop shouldn’t have used 6 bullets to take him down. These two wrongs shouldn’t have been expected to make a right. I think it’s crazy that people are shaming the citizens of Ferguson for protesting. Did the government officials really believe that their actions, when it came to the investigation, would have been met with applause? It only CONFIRMS that this is something that has been going on for a very long time and that this time they were taken by surprise when they were met with opposition.

Where do we go from here? First off, put your Ice Buckets down and put your HANDS UP! The Ice Bucket challenge was beneficial because it got people aware of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Can we now turn our social media efforts into a video on Ferguson? Can we now start talking about what’s going on in our own country? Can we now start talking about what caused this?

Honestly, I know NONE of this is going to happen. Why? Because The Rodney King related unrests were 12 years ago and certain policies and attitudes still haven’t changed. So go on ahead, pick up your Ice Bucket and continue what you were doing.



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