Foolproof? I think not!

I hate when people say something is foolproof. No matter what they’re referring to as soon as those words come out their mouth, I trust them a little less. Wanna know why? Because I am a fool.
I wouldn’t just say that about myself unless I knew it was true. I was the girl who forgot how to ride a bike. Yup, I really did.
So anyways still here on this whole30 cleanse/diet/butt kicking think and its really going pretty swell.  I do have a couple of issues with it, one of which is a lack of good condiments. So after doing a google search I found that there was a recipe for mayo which passes the whole30 laws. Hmmm. I click on a couple of the sites and what do I see? “This is foolproof”. I knew right then that somehow someway I was going to unintentionally destroy this recipe. Mayo is so delish though and such a good binding ingredient, I knew it had to be done.
So first, on one site it said I can use my mixer. So I got that bad boy up and ready, threw in the egg and started to SLOWLY drizzle (just as they directed) the olive oil in. The more I drizzled the more I realized that it looked like a yellow soup. Finally after it was all in I decided to try to turn up the speed, unfortunately that just made the yellow soup whip around my kitchen. Nice. Trash.
After looking at another site which ALSO used foolproof I read blender. Hmm. So I threw in my egg and blended it up first as directed and then…..slowly drizzled in the olive oil. I drizzled it in so slow my carpal tunnel flared up. I could see on the outside that it was white.
After it was done, I opened it up and success! I made mayo! Now on the sites they all raved about how delish it was…I beg to differ on that one, but at least it was done.
Today’s lesson…nothing is foolproof when you have a world full of fools (including myself).

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