Eating Caviar While My Tank Is On E

My lovely, dearest sister, A, called me earlier today and was in panic! She was on her way home, stuck in traffic, and only had 4 miles of gas left in her tank. As some of you may know A lost her job some weeks ago and the struggle has been real for her. I tried to keep her calm and reminded her of the reserve tank that could carry her at least another 20 miles. At that moment I tried to put myself in her shoes and I felt bad that my sister was running her car on fumes.

I hesitated when I asked, “why didn’t you put a little gas in your car earlier?”, because the last thing I ever want to do is throw salt in a wound. But, at the same time this is the girl that tells me to never leave the house without a twenty dollar bill in your pocket in case things get crazy. She told me that she was hoping her trip back to our home town wouldn’t have taken so much gas. As the conversation continued she told me that she went back “home” to go to a special event at our hometown Museum. It was a special soiree held at the Museum catering to the hip crowd. She went into elaborate detail of the special drinks they had, planetarium exhibition, and the refined folks she was surrounded by. I’m telling you the story was so fabulous that I had to open my bon bons to relish in the account of the sophistication she just  experienced. I was truly hoping some of it would rub off on me.

As the story continued she told me that the tickets to this event were quite pricey and although she had fun she was still hungry. I was completely annoyed, for her, that this party didn’t suffice her appetite! What a rip off. I demanded that she gave me the explicit details of what hors d’oeuvres they served and as she was going through the selection my mouth was watering. I’m telling you my sister is a strict critique with an exceptional palate and she can pin flavors and seasonings down like a German Shepard can find the candy in the crack heads pocket. One of the selections she encountered was caviar. I’m not going to lie, I say caviar in the same tone Wendy Williams says “how you doin’”. I’ve always wanted to try caviar and now here is my sister is saying she had it, only minutes ago, nonchalantly. “WAIT! You had caviar?” I hollered through the phone. “Yeah, it was good, but I’m still hungry”, she said back irritated. Right at that second I heard a slew of cuss words through the phone and I knew she hit more traffic. She was panicking more at this point because the E on her tank was flashing.

While she’s ranting about her gas situation I was envisioning luscious caviar entering my mouth. So fancy. Wait a second I thought. “Um, A, do you realize we’re talking about your experience eating caviar while your tank is running on exhaust?”, I said to her as only I could say. She was quiet for a second and then we both started laughing. I think that this moment, or more so the conversation, will be the story I will be repeating one day on my sister’s E News Special. The time my sister hit her decisive moment.

Many of you don’t know, since A has been a little MIA, but she got a job and starts very soon! I know that when people lose their jobs they can become bitter, angry, and pessimistic. My sister, however, held herself to a higher standard and I really got to see the strength and beauty of this woman I’m blessed to call my sister. I am humbled that I got to witness the metamorphosis that my sister has gone through during this time.

This story I shared with you is really a story of the American Dream. My sister is fighting to get out of the lower class, that has consumed our people, to make a better life for herself and those around her. The idea of eating caviar while your tank is on E may seem silly to some, but to me it tickles my heart. We were always taught to reach for more, to be more, and this is what A is doing.

So, as a final note, all you twenty somethings out there…keep fighting.



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