Diamonds are Hard to Break

Diamonds are hard and cannot be broken. but sometimes people and obstacles test us. M and I wanted to discuss how we personally handle certain situations and what we think about them. So we will be asking each other questions regarding situations and seeing how the other responds.
My question to M is: Do you believe in the right to bear arms?
I sure do! The picture attached to this is the first time I went to the shooting range with my husband. Growing up in a Northern state all my life I never knew a lot of people that owned a gun. Those that did would NEVER talk about it in public.  Now, living in the South everyone has a gun and they’re not afraid to tell ya about it. I believe as long as you practice gun safety than you should be able to have a gun. For my birthday I’m praying for a pink pistol!
My question to A is: Do you like big butts? JK. If someone made a movie of your life what genre would it be and why?
Oh Lord….surely my life would be a drama, particularily a Lifetime made for tv movie. All of the things I have been through with family, myself and all of the terrible stages and nasty transitions I surely could make that movie the most entertaining thing on tv.

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