Case of the Slumps?

It’s very difficult to talk about things that are a vulnerability for me. I don’t like putting myself on blast and I definitely don’t like thinking of myself as having a weakness, but there are some things people are born with that they cannot change. Just like a lot of my family, I get down…as in my moods. Recently I have been really DOWN, and thus I could not think of amazing and captivating things to write about.
People think that by telling others to get help or just talk about it, that it makes these feelings magically go away. I know for me, my support system is everything. I am realistic in the sense that I know I am alone in this life and these are my issues to sort through, but when you have family and friends that are there, it makes everything better. I don’t need people in my life that are going to tell me I will feel better if I do this or that, because they have no clue. What’s good for you isn’t necessarily what’s good for me.
For me, as a realist, I like to tell the truth and if someone asks my opinion…well then that’s just what they’re going to get. F the sugar coating. It’s that sugar coating though and that I-know-what-you-need BS that people try to spoon feed me that I want to wipe my butt with.
But ultimately this post is just to point out some recent discoveries, particularly with my friends. I have certain friends that go above and beyond, constantly looking out and just providing love. When you have people in your life that you love, you check in with them without being corny about it, and try to make being a friend as easy as possible.
I have this one friend who hit me up to ask if I wanted to get my nails done, and knowing that things were rough- before I could answer said she wanted to treat me. It wasn’t corny and didn’t smell of sympathy and sadness. It felt genuine and honest and just like love.
Now I am sure you’re wondering how this post comes together? Well for me and my slump, it’s the love that makes me feel better. Treating me like nothing is wrong and with love. Being from the armpit of the world I can smell a donation or freakin sympathy a mile away, but love? Well, that’s something that’s all the medicine I need at times. No matter what you’re going to have people who try to doctor you or tell you what they think you need to be doing, or even using you for their own personal gains. But the others, those who just love you for you- keep them. Friendship and companionship can be the best cure.

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