Buy Or Pigsty? – Roku

I am a tv junkie.
So my manfriend for the longest time had a PS2 in the bedroom which I happily used daily to watch my Netflix shows. Little did I know, once these new fancier game systems came out my beloved PS2 would be taken and I would be left with nothing to watch my shows on….well, actually that’s not completely true as I could have used my laptop (but who on earth wants to see Orange is the New Black on a tiny screen?). Anyways, I was left Netflix-less for about a month until Chrsitmastime when I received this tiny little box called a roku.
I would not say I am a super tech-savvy individual so I vaguely knew what a tv-streaming device was. All that I knew was that Apple TV allowed you to pick through a bunch of stations to watch stuff, but I had never actually seen this happen with my own eyeballs. Low and behold, I now had my own device and was ready to boot it up. It was veryyyyy simple, the directions were for like-minded folk who need stuff to be in English for me to understand. There were very few tech terms, the biggest being “HDMI”, so all was well.
Once it actually turned on though, I was in heaven…it REALLY is the tv/movie universe at your fingertips. I have all the normal streaming channels like Hulu, Crackle, Netflix, HBO go, and they have hundreds of others through roku and non-roku developers. The developer made channels were actually super simple to add as well (I tested it out in case I ever learned of one I wanted).
Also, my favorite feature….when im in bed at night and Im feeling like I need to see my baby boo Denzel, there is a search box where I can type his name and everything he’s done populates and you can click to see if any of your channels has the show or movie!!!
My second favorite feature….when Im in bed at night and just want to watch something without disturbing my manfriend, you can plug headphones into the roku remote to listen to you program that way!! I have never in all my years as a human have felt such joy from a piece of technology.
Now I really don’t know how much it was as it was a gift, and I don’t know how much apple tv is…because I don’t care, but I would highly recommend this device to any movie lovers or people who maybe don’t have cable access.

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