Brown Bear Brown Bear Graduate!!

I love a good story, but I’m not a fan of reading. My family jokes that the only book I can read is Brown Bear Brown Bear due to my love for the writings by Eric Carle as a child. I spend majority of my reading time with science books, the Bible and the occasional gossip magazine. Other than that I haven’t read a book for enjoyment in 2 years.

This week I decided to reach out to my fellow facebook friends and asked them to suggest a book for me to read. They all named books that sounded like they had more than 500 pages in it. I instantly liked each comment knowing I would never pick up any of the books they suggested. I needed something that was light, fast-paced, and kept my attention.

“A” called me as soon as she read my status and barked at me for not asking her for her opinion on a book choice. She’s an avid reader and probably goes through a handful of books a month. Last time I went to her house her book shelf was over filled with books and she had books shoved into random places around her house. Her book collection is becoming so large that her man friend has banned another book from entering the house until she finds a proper place to put the old ones. What he doesn’t know is that she’s now storing them in her trunk!!!

I wrote down A’s suggestion and headed out the door to the movies. I was meeting up some friends to see the new Planet of The Apes movie, which by the way was a long bore, and a preview caught my attention. It was a glimpse at the new movie coming out, The Maze Runner, and it was so exciting to watch. I found out later on that it was a book first and I KNEW that this was the book for me,

Long story short I’ve had the book for less than 24 hours and I’m already half way through! Woot Woot. At this point I really don’t want to do anything else, but find out what’s going to happen next. I suggest everyone to start reading the series NOW before the movie comes out!  You know that Life Cereal commercial where Mikey hates everything, but likes the cereal? Well, that’s me and this book.



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