Baking Soda for Everyone!

I am a pinterest freak! If I need something or have an idea and cant really finalize it- I pinterest that bad boy.
With that being said, I’ve been trying out a few beauty tips, all of which seem to contain Baking Soda. To be honest, I didnt know baking soda can do so much. First, I wanted to whiten my teeth without paying for those stupid whitening strips. Now Im not saying that they dont work, but im unemployed and theyre freaking expensive. Also, they make me drool and always slide off my teeth. Oh, and I got big teeth so I dont feel like they fit all the way. So I pinterested (if thats a word) diy (do-it-yourself) teeth whitening and found hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can do it. So ive been putting that on my teeth a couple times a week and as of right now- the results are still pending lol.
But as for todays tip- baking soda mask for the face. So I read that an equal ratio of baking soda and water on the face for about 10 minutes can help with acne. My acne has been out of control lately so I figured I really have nothing to loose. First, you cannot use an equal ratio as it is just too wet. You need more baking soda than water to get that paste like consistency they say you need. Second, its freakin wet. Like it just never felt mask-like for me. My face did feel tight but it still felt oddly wet even when it was almost cement dry. Also, please be sure to put your dog in a place where they cannot see you as my dog was super freaked out. Lastly it seriously burned. Dont know why but it wasnt a nice feeling.
Another article I read was olive oil as a moisturizer. So after I rinsed my face I took 3 drops (my face is naturally oily) and applied it as a moisutrizer. It was pretty soothing after the burning and did take some of it away.
So all in all, it was very interesting. Im looking forward to the results. Those Ill just throw a quick status on facebook about so check it out.

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