Back To Reality

So I am sure you are wondering where we’ve been. I cant speak for M, but I’ve been on vacation again. Imagine you have a good job, a job that can easily cover all of your household bills plus you can save comfortably. Imagine planning vacations and fun, preparing for the best summer. Now, imagine that job was ripped from you.
Yeah, it sucks. Yup, its my life. But, because of all the saving and planning I did….I really am somehow still having an amazing summer. I feel so relaxed and even though my money is super tight and my savings has pretty much died, my stress level is minimal.
Over the past week I spent some time in Lake George, NY. Who would’ve known this nice little town so close to me would be the perfect little getaway? The cabins were ridiculously cute, they have beaches and tons of cutesy little shops and activities. All in all, it was a great success.
The only issue, how does one continue a diet on vacation? The answer: you don’t. You eat crap and set yourself back and then feel like a slug. So this morning, I feasted on egg whites with hot sauce and grapes- yum yum little piggy, yum yum.

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