Are You Yelling At Me?

Im not sure how to begin this one…but I feel this needs to be addressed. I don’t like people who put their crap out there for everyone to see, specifically on the internet. But I also don’t like people who get upset over text conversations or statuses.
This whole internet world has really made it so we have to find new ways to handle these new situations. Take the first one for example, putting your relationship on blast via internet. Now, when I say relationship- I don’t just mean boyfriend/girlfriend. I mean ALL relationships-friends, family, peers….etc, etc, etc. Don’t post on how great your boyfriend or girlfriend is- and also not how bad they are. There’s always a home-wrecker around the corner that wants what you have. So posting that crap opens the door right up. Also- if you have issues with someone, why not take it up with them DIRECTLY? If you don’t plan on stepping up to it- just be quiet. You honestly look stupid hashing out your issues with yourself, by yourself. Nothing gets solved and your issues continue to stew. ANDDDD- when you post, “ I hate when someone blah blah blahs”, you’re always going to have that one trouble maker who not only wants to get in your business, but also wants you to look like a fool and post your business online. BE SMART.
Ok lastly, who really gets mad over text? You can’t see expressions (unless emoji’s are involved)  via text and statuses…so how do you know in what tone that person is relaying their message? When in doubt, request a voice to voice, or ASK. And in regards to statuses- is your self-esteem so low that everything someone posts you think is about you? Well, either you need a lesson in confidence or you’re too vain. Again, when in doubt- ASK.

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