A New Father’s Day…

So father’s day just passed and I thought it was important for M and I to touch on that with our question being: what does the day mean to us?
To Me, I think father’s day is celebrating all the men in your life that have stepped up and played that position….and all of the men who are fathers nonetheless. My father and I have a very….non-traditional relationship. I am fortunate to have a father that has been in my life even if it wasn’t traditional-and that’s all I care to say about it at this point.
One thing though that I often see is some women stepping up when their children’s father isn’t in their lives, and then on social media people wish them a Happy Father’s Day. But that’s just not how it works, your mom can step up and go beyond what is normally expected of her position to try and compensate for a lack of a father for her children, but it doesn’t take away from that lack of a father, it just means you have an amazing mother.
When you do have a father and if he is hardly present, unfortunately he still gets the accolades for his title, as he has done the minimum required to attain that title. It’s like when you go to college, and you do JUST enough to scrape by and get a degree, no matter what nobody and nothing can take that away from you, even if you never use it, YOU STILL HAVE IT. And that sucks.
I think if people want to differentiate between the fathers who STEP UP and the dead-beat dads…they need to put some qualifications on a NEW holiday, not just one that celebrates father’s in general.

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