A Homage To Our Struggle

If I ever entered a Beauty Contest, which I wouldn’t, I already know what my talent would be. I’m really great at one thing and I practice my skills everyday. I’ve spent thousands of dollars to master my skill and I’ve even travelled to different states to learn new methods to perfect it. My talent is something that I enjoy doing with others, in front of others, secretly in alleyways, and at times boldly.

My talent is eating good food.

I’m great at finding local dives, knowing what sauce will go best with what type of fry, which wine to swish around my mouth with a meat, and the exact color Tums you should eat before a certain type of meal.

I am a Foodie and I take it as seriously as Lebron takes going back to Cleveland. There’s not much that comes between me and my precious morsels. The last thought before I go to sleep is what food combinations I will eat the next day and my first thought is what bite should come first.

After going 6 months without my beloved Dunkin Doughnuts, due to the lack of stores in my regional area, I finally got to have a ham, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on a croissant this morning. As I mentioned earlier this week I’m currently at the In Laws house and they have my place of bliss strategically placed only a few miles away. After threatening my husband to leave without him, he was moving sooo slow, we finally jumped into the car and got my brunch. It was noon and we planned to meet up with my husband’s friend and his wife at 2 for lunch. My husband tried to get me to not eat anything so I would have an appetite for lunch, but as I said I am a Foodie and nothing comes between me and my Semi-Annual Dunkin trip.

Two hours later we were headed to a fancy shmancy BBQ joint, Mojo no 4, located in downtown Jacksonville. Thankfully we arrived ten minutes before the rest of our party and I got to spend that time concentrating on what I wanted. I LOVE pulled Pork so it wasn’t too hard of a choice. I decided before they arrived that I was going to get the Mojo Club.

Mojo Club: Pulled pork, smoked turkey, bacon, American cheese

I subbed out the American Cheese (I HATE AMERICAN CHEESE) for Cheddar.

Check out the restaurant by clicking HERE

So, in walks the lovely couple and slides into the booth. They are both petite and a very cute couple. You can tell they work together as a team and communicate well just by the way they are looking at the menu together. Just so you can get an idea of the difference between us and this couple let me describe my husband and myself to you. My husband is tall, dark, and handsome while I am tall and curvy. We are both as stubborn as old mules so we each sat with our own menus knowing that picking out this meal was not a team effort.

The husband claimed he was already slightly stuffed from something he ate earlier and that they should split something between himself and his wife. His wife was hesitant at first because she claimed she was starving, but decided that was the best idea for them.

My sweet sweet sweet husband looked over to me after hearing them chat and said, “Why don’t we split something?”.

I may have just ate only two hours before, but there was NO WAY I was going to split my delicious sounding Mojo Club sandwich. My husband takes the biggest bites ever and I would’ve loathed watching him chip away at my sandwich bit by bit. I’m not stingy in any way, and if that was the only thing we could afford we would’ve done it, but when you come with enough cash for two meals BEST BELIEVE we’re walking away with two meals.

I laughed out loud and whispered to him, “Do I look like the splitting type of girl?”. He chuckled already knowing that splitting a meal unnecessarily is blasphemy in my Foodie World. A and I grew up extremely humble and didn’t get to experience finer dining until we were older. Getting to go to a restaurant now still tickles me, even if it’s just fast food, and I like to savor each bite and make it count.

Having the luxury to not split a meal fills me with joy and is a reminder of the sacrifice my parents made to get A and I to where we are now. I’m sure they could have gone out to eat and enjoyed those things that I get to enjoy now, but they spent their money on enhancing our education. Instead of going out to eat on anniversaries my mother would buy us microscopes. Rice and beans on the table every night meant my dad could spend extra on books that he wanted us to read to open our minds culturally. I’m thankful for their sacrifices so that I can eat my fine meals. Being a foodie is more than just a gluttonous attitude, it’s a homage to Our Struggle.



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