99 Boxes of Wine on the Wall…

Hello all! I have been harassed by A for the past couple of days to write something. I however have not had access to internet in a couple of days due to the current adventure I’m on. Visiting the In-Laws.

After debating for the past month or so if we were going to make the 16 hour drive through the South to see them, we finally came to an answer late Friday night. At 11 pm I began throwing things into an oversized suitcase and scrambled to try to pack everything two people, a dog, and a cat could possibly need for two weeks. Yes, I said two weeks. We will be spending the next 14 days with in Laws, living with them, and adapting to their daily schedules like we are once again children. Which by the way has been enjoyable so far.

Anyways, at about 12am everything was packed and my husband finally got up from watching his 3rd Football game and pitched in to shove everything into our Pathfinder. After some difficulty checking out with the Army we hit the road. We only made it 3 hours into our trip before we decided to pull over to a rest stop and take a snooze. We normally drive straight and show no mercy to the road, this being our 15th long distance trip, but for some reason we just couldn’t do it this time around. Are we getting old?

My husband squeezed himself between me and his golf clubs and we attempted to go to sleep. Mind you the car was turned off, no AC, and the window was slightly cracked. Enough for some air, but not enough to get kidnapped by a weirdo lurking at the road side. My husband who can sleep in any condition was knocked out within seconds, but I lost any desire to sleep. I don’t know about you, but I hate being snuggled while I’m sleeping, especially when I’m hot. My husband found this as his perfect opportunity to snuggle and I awoke every 15 minutes to find myself wrapped up in his sweaty, heavy tentacles, panting desperately for cool air. I wasn’t sure who was panting louder, me or the dog. After 3 hours of this nonsense I decided to climb back to the drivers seat and take control of the situation. I cranked on the AC and hit the gas.

Every time I come to Florida my life changes and I always leave with knowing who I am so much more. Going back to visit family after so long is like staring in a mirror. I get to see what I love, what I don’t, and who I am. I’ll go further into detail later this week on my new “philosophical ideas”, but for now I must go. It’s time to go swimming!! Yee haw.


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