Hide The Candy!

I have a strategy to passing out candy for Halloween….

I buy a whole bunch of candy, but then I put my favorite kind on the bottom of the bowl. That way at the end of the night I’m not left with all the stuff I don’t like. Muwahhahhahaha πŸ•ΈπŸŽƒ trick or treat?

The best part about being an adult is getting to keep all your favorites right?

  I don’t like candy that isn’t chocolate based so I hope all the kids come and take these Laffy taffys off my hand or else my honey is going to eat them all!

 Do you have a strategy to passing out candy? Let me know in the comments


BOGO + 31% OffΒ 

Hey all, if you don’t sign up for Payless alerts you really should.

As many of you may know from all the commercials Payless is running a it BOGO sale! Well I got in my email a couple of days ago an extra 31% coupon off on top of BOGO. Score!!

My friends dog ate my favorite pair of shoes and I’ve been waiting for a good sale to buy them. They normally go for $34.99, but I got them for $8.49

   I would suggest you head on over there if there’s anything you’ve been eyeing! Comment below with what you bought. Happy Halloween and Happy Shopping πŸ•ΈπŸŽƒny

Can you take pennies?

I’ve had a very long day which started with me jumping out of bed, showering, dressing, and heading out the door in less than 15 minutes. I saw smoke and I had to run to put out my social life fires.

Of course on the way out the door I forgot my wallet. I have this thing, well everyone has this thing, where if I don’t eat I get a little hypoglycemic = hangry (hungry + angry).

After counting the change in my pocket I realized I had 6 dollars and three dollars in change. I decided to be go to dollar general and find myself a drink while I purchased a thank you card for one of my social life firefighters. I can across the best deal 

Say it with me…yassssssss honey!

Which color (flavor) would you have picked? I bought one of the light blue ones – top shelf. They are my fav.

Well after all that I pretty much had $8 left and was going to go to mcdonalds for a snack, but there was a million high school kids piled inside with a line out the door. Noooo thank you. 

I went across the road to Freddy’s thinking I could get myself a cheap $2 cheeseburger to go. NOPE. My meal came out to $8 something (okay so I couldn’t resist ordering fries and a drink) and I had to embarrassingly ask her if she would take change 😁 Normally I don’t care, but when you’re selling fancy steak burgers I try to be a little fancy too. Thankfully they didn’t pretty woman me and still took my money. It did take her an awful long time to count it, sorry people in the line behind me! 

So if you want a cheap drink go to the dollar general and then head to Freddy’s for a deliciously pricey fast food burger.

Comment below with your favorite Gatorade flavor! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Living On A Prayer

Have you ever had a week that would more or less direct your next few months in life? I’m currently in that week.

I’m sitting at a 76 in one of my classes and passing is 75. I have a test on Thursday that is pretty much going to make or break my grade. I don’t mind, at this point, making a C in this class, but failing is just not an option. If I fail this 1 class I pretty much repeat the semester along with the clinicals I’m currently taking. 

So what can I do? Well, I’ve cried a couple times on and off from the stress, but all I can really do is to keep studying and to pray. It’s so hard at times when everything seems overwhelming to remind yourself to breathe and pray, but I encourage you to try it.

If you’re having one of those tough weeks like me, let me know and I would love to pray for you! 

I pray that God strengthens and helps you through this week.


Where Da Starbucks At?

If you’re wondering…I got about 1 hour of sleep. What do you think of right before you fall asleep? Personally, I can actually hear my mind saying “ohh snap here we go! Off to dream”. Well normally it’s a blissful moment for me, but last night my snarky mind whispered “oh snap here we go…off to sleep for ONLY an hour”. My mind side eyed me! 😯 That little brat. 😀

I actually woke up feeling pleasant except my twitching lower left eyelid tapped at me trying to remind me that were running low on sleep…and caffeine.

I passed by a Starbucks on my way to my gate. Did you hear me? I passed it right by. I’ve got a lot of self will don’t ya know? I’m on a caffeine break. No more, I’m done, clean drinking for me, detox time.

Just kidding. They haven’t opened yet. T minus 15 minutes before I get to shuffle my lanky legs back to them and put in my order. 

Would it be wrong to take a nap on the carpet in front of the store with some money and my order pinned to my hoodie? β˜•οΈ 

Trap Music LulliabiesΒ 

As I previously told you, my sister A ended her party at 8:30pm so that we could relax before we had to head to bed. We have to wake up at 3am to head to the airport. 

Well, it’s 11:53pm and obviously I’m not asleep. See, I was super happy that my sister ended the party, but then the party moved into the apartment next door. Okay, cool, as long as they’re not here right?

Nope, wrong. From what I can hear I’m missing a really good party cause they are getting turnt up. I mean they have the trap music bumping with the base thumping!

So here I am, sitting somewhere between annoyed and wanting to put in a noise complaint (I know I know I’m dramatic) and wanting to just throw on some jeans and head on over next door and Jam out. 

Either way, I don’t think much sleep is going to be obtained tonight 😳

Let me know what you’re doing on this Saturday night! Comment below

Scary Movies and an All Nighter

My dear lovely sister, A, kicked everyone out (nicely) at 8:30 so that I could get some sleep. My flight is super duper early in the am so I have to be up and at it by 3am. 😩 I’m not a fan of waking up early, but I don’t think anyone is.

I am a scaredy cat and I don’t watch anything that even looks like it could scare me. Like even scoobydoo would probably be pushing it for me. At the beginning of the week I told A I would watch a scary movie with her since she went to dinner with me on Wednesday. We were supposed to go today, but we went to take Sassy trick or treating instead (which is wayyy better than watching a scary movie).

Since we have some time before I have to go to bed we decided we would watch a classic scary movie. Can you guess which one we’re watching? It involves a 3′ man, green top hat, and gold. Yes, we’re watching Leprechaun 2.πŸ€‘ It is a wee bit scary, but it seems more on the comical side. I love these old type of movies that are so dramatic it’s unrealistic. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Thank you AMC Fear Fest for some entertainment while I soak in these last few moments with my sister. πŸ€“

Comment and let me know what your favorite scary movie is!