So I recently read an article that struck me as unusual. I can’t remember the exact title but it was marriage advice from a divorced woman. 

The article listed a bunch of things that you should and shouldn’t do to keep your marriage. What struck me as unusual- was that it was all common sense stuff. Tell your man he looks good, don’t bash him in public, be intimate. 

I’m just wondering, what kind of world do we live in where we have to be reminded to do or not do these things? Don’t bash your husband in public? Really?

My mother always told me to treat people how I want to be treated, and that is how I try to carry myself in all aspects, including my relationship. 



Rainy Days and Ruined Pizza

Rainy days call for being lazy, eating food you didn’t prepare, and binge watching Netflix. It’s not a time to be productive, but a time to open up your window and listen to the melody of the rain hitting the group. It’s lovely.

I decided to order pizza because my 4 day old doughnuts weren’t cutting it. Around the 3rd day doughnuts are still delicious yet unrewarding. 

The pizza arrived pretty fast and I was excited to dive in. I flipped open the box expecting to see a warm, cheesy, crusty pie topped with onions but instead my pie had the circle of doom.

The circle of doom – when the middle of the pizza box strips all the cheese and pride from your pizza leaving it partially naked and ashamed. 

Be honest. Doesn’t this pizza just look miserable? It’s one thing if the side of the pizza is messed up because then you can just eat around it, but the circle of doom ensures that every slice is messed up! EVERY SLICE!!!!

So what’d I do?

I called the pizza place and complained. Yes, I’m petty, but imagine how weird second day pizza is going to taste when half the slice is naked. At that point I’d just have to cut the slice to where the fun begins which really leaves me with half a pizza. Thankfully, they gave me credit to my next order! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

 So we’ll be ordering again tomorrow. Just kidding, that’s excessive. 


Your Pictures Are Disgusting!!

Quick rant.

Why do people advertise their garage sales with photos of the most disgusting, chaotic, dirty items from around their house? 

I’m part of multiple online yard sale pages and I just wonder why people do the things they do. Do you really think you dumping all your stuff into one pile is going to look appealing to me? 

“Yes, I would just love to come over and go through all of your dirty blankets, old shoes, and broken down kitchen tools”

If you really want to make some money and attract some attention…how about you at least line up your shoes (and dust them off) before you take the photo?!

How about you fold those blankets instead of dumping them on your lawn?

Better yet, how about you actually organize and prepare for your garage sale? 

Does anyone else see this in their area? 


Red Lobster – Lobster Roll

Yup you read that right. Right now Red Lobster is serving up Lobster rolls on their menu.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other night when a yummy looking lobster roll showed up on my home page. Instantly I knew I needed one.  

I called Red Lobster the next day as soon as I woke up to place a to go order. I couldn’t wait to see what the hype was all about.

I got to the restaurant and waited a ridiculous amount of time to pick up my food….but I guess that’s a whole different story.

I’m a weirdo and I feel strange going through my order while in the restaurant. So I did a quick peek inside the bag to make sure everything was there and then I ran to my car to really investigate.

Before I continue with the story here’s a picture from the Red Lobster website of the roll.

You get everything you see in the above picture for $10. The Lobster roll, French fries, a choice of soup or salad, and their biscuits. Not a bad deal for $10. 

They describe their new menu item in the following way:

“The NEW! Lobster Roll features sweet Maine lobster meat tossed in lemon aioli on a toasted roll – split on the top, never on the side. ” – Red Lobster Press Release 3/6/17

Okay, so now that you have the official statement I can continue with the story. 

As I opened up the bag in my car I noticed that the Lobster meat was piled onto the roll. I didn’t want to get to scrutinizing the food just yet and waited till I got home to really see what Red Lobster was working with.

I would like you to note, before I show you my photos, that I did nuke the food before I ate it. By the time I waited in line and got home the food was a bit on the cold side. This did make the bread wilt some, but for the most part I felt like the integrity of the food remained pretty much the same.

I wanted to take pictures from a few different angles so you could really grasp what I’m about to say.

As you can see from the photos the meat was legit just placed into the center of the bun. It looks like someone took an icecream scooper, portioned out some meat via the scooper, and then placed it directly on top of the bun. When Red Lobster stated that the meat was “on” a roll they really weren’t kidding. I guess next time I should be looking for the word “in” a roll. 

I’m not sure if the meat placed directly in the middle was to give an illusion that there was more meat than there really was, but in all honesty it just looks like Lobster meat drowning in bun. 

I was hoping for something that looked similar to the picture where the meat was “in” the bun and went from end to end. I guess that’s what you get when you trust an ad? 

Okay, on to the taste part.

I believe I read from another site that the lemon aioli also has some basil in it. If you look back at my pictures there is some sort of green herb in it. Either way, it made the lobster taste strange. Before you ask, no im not one of those “basil tastes like soap” people. If you can see from the photo it’s not like the herb is even properly mixed in and the chop work looks like something I did while drunk. If the meat just had a healthy coat of butter it probably would’ve been way better. The bun was probably the best part of the concoction and then most filling. It tasted similar to a Hawaiian roll. The actual sandwich left me wanting more, but not in a good way. More so in a “I’m still hungry” type of thing.

The french fries were super basic and there’s really nothing to say about them.

The biscuits strangely tasted like someone sprinkled a ramen noodle seasoning packet on it. I normally like their biscuits, but the taste threw me off. I wasn’t sure if this is a new recipe they’re trying out or if my taste buds were just picky after the sad roll.

I ordered New England clam chowder as my soup and I figured you really couldn’t go wrong with this. Except it tasted like straight milk. 

In my mind I see one chef saying to another, “our soup is almost out, you need to cut it. Cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it.” 

Seriously, the one thing I was counting on was just a milky waste. 

I’ve never been this disappointed with Red Lobster before. I would love to say, “hey for $10 not bad”, but I really can’t. It really wasn’t worth it. 

I would rather go to McAllisters and grab a sandwich , a pickle, a side, and a piece of chocolate cake for $11.      

Shoot, I would’ve even picked McDonalds over that. Yeah, that bad guys. 

All in all, if you want to try it I hope you have a better experience than I did. The great thing about this blog though is that I’m always willing to try the latest menu items so that you don’t have to! If you have your eye on something and you want me try it, let me know in the comments!


Night Treats

I’ve got some weird Cinderella type of thing going on. When the clock hits 2am I go from ordinary girl to a knock off version of Martha Stewart. I was texting my girls when one of them stated that they just made crepes. Oh goodness I wish she never said it. As soon as the text came across the screen I was opening up google and looking up how to make me some. 

I sat in bed for a good five minutes debating if it was a proper time to be eating crepes. But then I remember I’m an adult and I can eat whatever I want when I want. Yay for adulting! 

I found a pretty basic crepe recipe online and cut it in half. There’s no need to make a million crepes when really I just want a few bites to satisfy this craving. 

My crepes came out kinda ugly, but incredibly delicious. 

This is probably the second time I’ve ever made them and I’d have to say it was easier than instant pancakes. I will for sure be making these again.

I wonder what I’ll be making tomorrow at 2am? 


2am Cravings

There’s something special about Facebook at 2am. All of a sudden you click on one post that takes you to another and so on until you’re watching a video about a talking turtle. You have no idea how you got there, how much time you just wasted, or what else is going on in the world. It’s like it’s own world.

As I was sucked into this world the other night I came across a post.

A simple post about toast. 

Except this post somehow stuck it’s claws in me and demanded that I go most toast. Looking at the time creeping towards 2am I figured it was a bad idea to make such a sugary treat. 

Yet, minutes later I found myself standing in my dark kitchen hovering over my glowing toaster. 

Ah the warmth a toaster can provide on a cold night.

Somehow my toast came out nothing like the picture. I think I was a bit heavy handed on the cinnamon. Guess my coordination slows down sometime after 10pm. 

Looking at that toast now makes me giggle. Mine looks all crusty and dirty compared to the Facebook photo. Nonetheless it was still delicious. 

Has Facebook made you crave anything lately? Leave it in the comments! 


Don’t Compare

If you’re relatively active on Facebook you’ve seen some articles floating around about pregnant women working out. 

If not here’s the link:

As you can see some of these women are super far along and they are doing some major work in the gym. After a few well meaning people sent me this article I began to think about my gym life. 

Before I was pregnant I would run a few times a week. Anywhere from 3-6 miles. However, I stopped working out shortly after I got pregnant. I suffered with extreme morning sickness for 18 weeks. After that I slowly began to work up my strength to be able to even do simple tasks around the house. 

Now, coming closer to the end of this journey, I received this article and it made me want to push myself to do more. Except, I took it to the extreme. I joined up with my family in doing Fitbit challenges and decided I had to win. Winning with my family means putting in at least 3 miles a day. Which may not seem like a lot, but when you’re already waddling like a penguin it’s a pretty big deal.

So, I bit off more than I could chew and would walk around constantly in trying to beat out my completion.

I ended up walking 19 miles that week and ultimately my body suffered. My hips began to burn, my back was thrown out, I was exhausted, and my feet hurt. Which is probably normally pains from working out hard, but when you’re already pregnant adding more to my plate was just too much. 

I learned that it’s best not to compare my pregnancy journey to anyone else’s. I think those women that can go out there and beast in the gym are awesome. I also think that momma sitting on the couch just trying to make it through is a rock star too. Pregnancy is a lot on the body in general and every woman going through it should take the time to pat herself on the back for coming this far. 

I will continue to try to maintain an active lifestyle throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, but I will also keep in mind that I’m amazing without having to try so hard. This was a reminder on how much God loves me and I don’t need to prove anything.